Our website plan offers control, flexibility additions and amendments as your business grows. We also include our 5* managed hosting; keeping your site fast, secure and functional.

When doing business, you want to be talking to other people, not just emailing an automated machine that tells you the job will be done in the foreseeable future. You email Green Stripe Media and we will receive the email and get back to you, letting you know when the changes will be made – 9/10, it will be with a couple of days.

We Take Care of It for You

Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we’ll handle it.

We keep your site running on the latest versions of operating systems and software; your website will not become out of date or suffer a security vulnerability.

If you have an existing site, we can help migrate it and get it up and running in no time. We can help rescue sites where the original developer has gone missing or moved on.

In the long run, this saves you time, money, IT resources, and keeps your site running smoothly and fast. 

Dedicated Resources

Your website will not share resources as happens on shared hosting. 

Each site has its own dedicated resources. Cheap shared hosting can allow other sites to interfere with your site affecting performance and security. Our plans ensure no one else’s website will prevent yours from reaching the top level; it’s safe and sound!  

Our Managed Hosting Is Very Fast

We tune servers for optimal performance. We optimise images, compressing to deliver quickly to mobiles but still super high res for retina and desktop screens.  

We also install, configure and manage server-side caching to speed up delivery. You don’t have to spend time worrying about site speed! 

Dedicated resources plus our optimisations mean your site will fly. You can read more about the importance of Site Speed in this article.

Top Notch Security

We stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility that your site will be compromised. 

Sites all include SSL security certificates; we’ll also take care of the renewal of these.

By installing the latest security patches and upgrades at the server level and website level, your site is safe from hackers and your data secure.  

We've Got Your Back

When you contact us, one of us will be here to help – no tickets, no robots — real people who take pride in our work. Green Stripe Media don’t disappear after the contract is signed, we are here to help you grow your site with your business.

In a nutshell, this means that you don’t need to worry about the domain, servers, hosting, hackers, content or site performance. You can concentrate on running your business while we take care of your site.

We can help!

We guarantee that your site will always run smoothly, quickly and stay safe and secure and more! We have lots of examples of successful websites that have all of these features and have had their business’ online pressure taken off their shoulders.