Using a phone to browse the internet is so common it now accounts for over 75% of website traffic. This is true whether it is for shopping for clothes, finding out what a certain celebrities favourite food is or finding a local plumber.

Not only is the mobile phone so powerful, but the convenience of being able to research services and buy products whilst on a commute, at home or out and about makes it so important.

Because of this, Google uses mobile data first in its ranking (and then desktop data). It will take an in-depth look at your mobile site and base your website’s search ranking on that. So, even if you have the most optimised site on desktop, if it isn’t mobile-friendly, then Google will lower your ranking. Google favours mobile-friendly, responsive websites for its search results because users will be able to use those websites with ease. Your business’s website needs to be responsive or adapt to mobiles, tablets, laptops, or desktops. No matter where that person is, they’ll understand and use your website with ease.

We make sure our website designs look good and are easy to use for people to navigate to a product, service, or information they need. Content will be scaled and re-sized, so the site is fast and visually pleasing.

Online shopping using mobiles increased rapidly during lockdown. Your customers can make purchases within minutes of viewing the product or get in touch with the click of a button regarding your services. We use card payments methods that allow Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal on any e-commerce site. This allows customers to check out and pay at the click of a button.

Please get in touch with us for details of our all-inclusive plans, including mobile-first design, hosting, support, and maintenance.