There are many aspects to a website that matter to your website’s visitors. If you don’t have some of the following, customers will not visit and will move on to a rival business.

We feel that the following factors are some of the most important.

In this blog, we will explain why they are important for you and your business.


Websites need security certificates to encrypt data between users and the server. This is done with SSL. Not only is this a good thing to do, but users are now shown a warning on most browsers if it’s not used. This is known to put people of both visiting the site and is a barrier to converting them into a customer.

If a website has an SSL Certificate, it also provides authority and trust.

Check yours and check it’s not expired. Visit your site and click on the padlock icon to check it in your browser. Make sure your site defaults to https://, not http://.


When your website visitors lose patience, you lose business.

This is a simple test; visit your own site on desktop and mobile and see how it feels speed wise. You can also run tests here: and for a technical speed test.

Do this once a month; it’s not uncommon for agencies/developers to overload servers over time and for this to start slowing your site down.


Website analytics allows you to look at your websites visitors’ data so you can optimise your content based on users interests. It is important to identify what users are doing on your business’ website.

It may help identify pages where people are leaving your site perhaps. You can then analyse why they came to this page and why it wasn’t of interest (they left) or didn’t buy a product.

There is a fascinating amount of data available including Location, Gender, Interests, Language, Browser, Page Load Speed. Looking at this will help in making changes to your site. The better the results here, the more Google will move your ranking on search results.

Contact Us

If you have a contact page, make sure it works. Test the email address and test submitting a message. We often come across sites where it has never worked!

The message delivery is fairly complex to do right and avoid spam boxes, so make sure the form works.

Monthly Checks

  • Check Site Speed
  • Check SSL Certificate
  • Check Contact Form and Email works
  • Check your Site Analytics

We can help!

We ensure all of the above and more are included on our client’s websites. We have lots of examples of successes that we then build into every site we build here.