You need a fast, efficient, simple website that customers can easily interact with to find products and services that they’re looking for or would be relevant. Once the website is working and tuned, its time to market the site itself to get potential customers to the site.

We compared this to the Pizza Industry! The quality of your website depends on who designs it for you – much like Pizza! Below we have compared the two together!

Do It Yourself Website - The Homemade Pizza

Looking for recipes online or finding one in a book is usually the way that people pick up the motivation to make a pizza. We’ll refer to this as the ‘DIY’ Pizza. However, some people don’t consider all the work, effort and time to make the Pizza from scratch! The dough, then the sauce, the cheese and the toppings etc., this can take you hours!

Compare this to a website. You get given blank pages to build your site on – but do you know where to start? Do you have the skills to design an outstanding website to attract visitors and for them to use it. Drag and drop different elements into the various spaces – but does it work on mobiles, tablets and desktop? Does it look like its professional?

Ready-Made Website - The Off The Shelf Pizza

Shop bought Pizza can be nice – but is it the best Pizza you’ve ever had? It will certainly be consistent. Supermarkets sell hundreds of Pizza’s a day – all very much the same – the Pizza factory scales up because every Pizza is the same.

This is the same when buying either a ready-made website or template look-a-like sites from Wix, Yell, Hibu, 1and1, etc.

All the sites begin to look the same and even feature the same boilerplate text. How does that help you differentiate yourself to both consumers and search engines?

Custom Made Website - The Gourmet Pizza

Handmade sourdough base, risen and proved for hours. The best ingredients and finally cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. Each is individually made, with the toppings you love. These are delicious and look great.

A properly made website created and hosted for you is individual, stands out for your brand. It can set an impression to visitors; and ticks all the boxes for search engines; unique content, super-fast, pixel-perfect on mobiles.

In comparison, Pizza’s that are made by the ultimate chef’s or pizza makers are the best in taste, appearance and satisfaction. In our industry, this means website’s that stand out from the crowd, attract traffic and are easy to use.

We can help!

With our unique subscription service, we are delivering the Custom Made website at prices below many off the shelf solutions. We have helped dozens of businesses with poor looking old websites create a standout site that is winning over customers.

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