Christmas is around the corner meaning your business needs to be promoting itself – but how? As we enter December, it is prime time for many industries to boost their sales and increase profits.

Using the fact that it’s the festive period as a call-to-action for customers to get their appointments booked in or products bought is excellent – you’ll see a boost in bookings, or you see your products off the shelves digitally, of course!

Designing a Christmas Landing Page

Creating a dedicated landing page for Christmas is a fantastic way of driving relevant, engaged traffic to your site over the festive period. You can use this page as the home for all your relevant Christmas content – whether that’s links to deals, Christmas games, giveaways or promotions.

Creating a single page and updating it each year, rather than creating a new one each year, means you can strengthen it every Christmas, as it becomes more and more visible in the search engines.

Once it’s January, you can then hide that page, ready for next year and use your original landing page. Obviously, we can do this for you! Many businesses make the mistake of deleting their Christmas content as soon as January arrives – meaning they have to start from the drawing board.

Ahead of the Pack

Starting early and planning ahead for next year will pay huge dividends when the next Christmas season comes around! There’s a reason the supermarkets start rolling out the festive displays in October. Whether it’s planning campaigns, putting up landing pages, launching competitions or promotions, it pays off to get ahead of other competitors and launch your content early.

By mid-December, every business is running some sort of Christmas campaign, and it’s easy for your content and campaigns to get lost in the pack. By giving content time to rank in the search engines and delivering Christmas campaigns just before the festive rush.

Christmas Hours

If you own a shop, customers must know when you’re open over the festive period. Nothing annoys customers as much as turning up somewhere to find it closed – especially when the website specifies that the shop is open!

Businesses without a physical store should also let customers know this, so they know they’re not being ignored. Additionally, you’ll also want to look at your Google My Business profile and add some ‘special hours’ to your listing.

We’re here to help drive your business’s online performance and presence with a great, custom-designed website.