Your business’ logo is essential. It makes you instantly recognisable, and if it doesn’t, then you may need to re-design it! Modernising your logo will improve your image and engage your customers, resulting in driving your business.

Your Target Audience

An updated logo can make a significant change in the people you aim for. Maybe you’ve decided to focus on a different or expanded audience, meaning you have to increase your appeal and show customers you’re in touch with them.

Your Logo Gets Lost in the Competition

Your business and logo need to stand out from the crowd, especially when offering similar services. Therefore, your logo should look different, maybe one that customers will remember, meaning they’ll visit your site if needed in the future.

Dated Logos

If your logo was designed with trendy elements from years ago t’s time for a change. These might be fonts or colours that were fashionable at the time. Time to update and show customers you’re modern and not stuck in the past.

Your Logo is Too Complicated

Is your logo too complex because it tries to capture every aspect of your company or services? Simplifying a logo can create a solid visual mark that customers can identify with.


If your logo already has brand recognition in your industry or with customers; In this case, you should modernise rather than start from scratch with a new logo. You can often breathe new life into a tired logo by –
  • Adjusting colours
  • Simplifying shapes and images
  • Choosing a font that is easier to read
  • Removing irrelevant content such as .com
  • Removing bevels, shadows, outlines, and gradients
  • Changing the size or layout of the logo