Marketing your business online is essential to reach new and existing customers to encourage the use of your services or buy your products.

You need a fast, efficient, simple website that customers can easily interact with to find products and services that they’re looking for or would be relevant. Once the website is working and tuned, its time to market the site itself to get potential customers to the site.

We’ll go through all the different options you have to advertise your business.


As the most popular search engine, Google is important and therefore, you’ll need to focus on how Google finds your site and understands it. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Using keywords, phrases or locations can help. Your website should have the technical ability to describe your site and content to a search engine (Technical SEO) and should show snippets and wording on the search results that will generate clicks. When we build and host sites, we make sure this is all correct and review to analyse areas that are working or need improvement. All factors to help your site climb up Google and get shown in search results. There are many different ways that this can change, simple or complicated, we would deal with that for you work to help.

There is also Google Adwords, which is the paid method. Its an advertising method that allows advertisers to show clickable ads in search results. Using a “pay-per-click” payment system, advertisers bid on specific “keywords” for which they want to show up for in the paid search results. When users perform a search containing those particular keywords, Google displays the advertisers’ ads in the paid search results. Since advertisers are charged on a pay-per-click basis, they will only pay if a user clicks on their ad.

Social Media

As many people know, Social Media is an excellent way to reach people. Whether it be just posting fairly often with products, different projects you’ve carried out; offers or news – customers love to see this. Also, if a customer or client sees that you haven’t updated your Social Media in a while, they might suspect something has gone wrong, or the business doesn’t exist anymore – so pay attention to regular posting.

There is also the way of Paid Advertising. Paid advertising can reach a large audience, but it’s essential to make sure the website is optimised to convert visitors to customers. You need a good site to send them to, a good image that tells the audience about your business and a short description that encourages a click. Paid Ads can be specifically targeted, gender, age, past interests, previous brand likes and can also be targeted to 10km ranges geographically.


Getting emails to your past customers or people who have signed up to receive news and offers and direct them to your website is usually a very good way to expand your business. If you want to send out offers or just to remind them that you’re always there and waiting is an excellent way of attracting business.

Depending on your area of business and audience dictates what works best. Salons and Fashion need to be branded and visual; a business to business service company may need to focus on the wording and be less visual.

Technically delivering emails to get delivered and read can be complicated. For a few hundred subscribers, you can use Mailchimp – we have lots of customers we create emails for using this service. We also have solutions using Amazon Servers which are highly tuned for larger-scale marketing and high delivery rates.


Getting a good reputation via a review or recommendation online or via word of mouth is always a fantastic way of building your business or attracting customers.

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews online via Facebook or Google is a great way to tell the public all about your products or services and how good they are! Essentially, this is as good as Word of Mouth.

We can help!

We hope you find this useful. We can run free audits of your existing website and happy to discuss how we can help.