Are you interested in blogging? There are plenty of reasons why you should start blogging and below are some of the top reasons we think it’s still a great idea and relevant.


Stats don’t lie. There are 409 million blogs published each month on the web across 20 billion sites. So it almost immediately tells you that blogging is still relevant today.


Ever since their introduction 20 years ago, blogs have constantly been evolving. Initially, they were almost like diaries. It was only around 10 years ago that they were picked up as the form of marketing, but they’re still evolving, and it seems unlikely they’ll stop as long as people find new ways to share information online.

It’s this constant evolution that sees them stay fresh, find new users, audiences, and potential. The content of blogs themselves is always changing. Think of how many blogs these days include mixed media like videos, audio, recipes, photos, and artwork.

Niche Markets

It’s highly likely that you’ve read a blog in the last few weeks – you’re reading a blog post right now. Whether it’s a food blog, product review or film review, there’s a blog on just about anything. Whole communities of enthusiasts can be founded around a niche blog.


It’s also good to remember that, promoting blog content on social media is cheaper compared to other things such as SEO or Email Marketing. Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to create a page for your blog, and then sponsor posts or content to draw in readers.