There are several different opinions on how many words should be on your website pages. Do you have a significant section of text explaining everything, a small amount of text with more images or just in the middle? We will go over these and see which is better.

When online, there are many distractions, and visitor attention spans are low. It is necessary to convey that your product or service is relevant quickly; use Headlines and call outs to capture attention. More detail can follow to explain. This indicates that a small amount of text may be better. A quick and short explanation of your services or about your company seems the way to do it, but in many cases, this isn’t possible. If you offer several products or services, you will need to explain in depth.

Adding images to the short descriptions could add value and make it easy for your customers or website visitors to understand. Typical short online attention spans mean that this would be better as people want to visit a website, get the information they need and get out.

On the other hand, many people spend a lot of time reading pieces of content online – whether that be a website page explaining services or products, a blog about something or an article on the latest trends. For example, consider how long you would spend on a page with great content about a subject you are interested in.

Of course, Search Engines digest keywords and key phrases, so this is also something to think about. You need to make sure you get them in to help your business climb up Google. Visitors don’t have to read that entire page. They can take the information they need, but there’ is more satisfaction with the additional information.

Google is well aware of this theory. So much so that Google’s purpose is to provide the most accurate results to users. Meaning that we usually see pages with more words rank better on search engines than similar pages with a smaller amount of words.

Imagine two competitors that have a website with a page explaining a particular service, whether that be hairdressing, a plumber or a gym. Company A fills that page with a short description explaining the service or product. In comparison, Company B fills that page with a detailed explanation and description. Both pieces of the content contain the same keywords, but Google would consider Company B a better site to suggest as the narrative is more transparent and gives customers a more in-depth explanation.

Overall, at Green Stripe Media, we recommend a good, clear explanation – including keywords and phrases such as Locations and Descriptions along with images. This helps Search Engines to pick out the Keywords and Phrases and also makes it easier for your website visitors to understand.

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