Your website’s landing page is one of the essential elements of your site.

As you can guess, this is where your website’s visitor lands when they visit your site. This is the first thing they see – so it needs to catch their attention! Your Colours, images, text or buttons all have to attract the website visitor to delve into the website further so find out more about your business. This can be a specific page used for Adverts or promotions or the home page.

Landing Pages Need to Convert

Your landing page needs to change your website visitors into customers – either purchasers of your product or service or generate an enquiry.

The general colour, the text and buttons can be eye-catching. The colours on a site should be vibrant as well as modern. If a website is old, you can often tell by the appearance. A nice, clear white background is what you need to start working on, in comparison to old websites, usually having a coloured background. A white background will make colour stand out more.

The text and buttons are also important components on your website. Having a nice, clear and simple font of your text makes it friendly and easy for the visitor to read – making them read more and more. Tempting them further into your site and wanting to know more. The text itself should inform customers of what exactly it is you want to get across. We would suggest, on the landing page, short and sweet is the best way.

Buttons, a call-to-action, really do need to stand out. They may link to your about page, your services, contact or even your services/products. Once your potential customer clicks – your one step closer to guaranteeing their business.

Simple but Effective

On the Landing Page, as well as all of your pages, the design should be a top priority. You can have all this great content, but you need it to look great and make the customer want to read more and find out more. Keeping things simple is very important because if you make it hard for a customer to get from one page to the next, they won’t bother – losing a potential customer.

Having your text/picture set out well will entice customers to keep going down the page, hopefully coming across buttons and links to tempt them to click through to another page. This may well be your online store, services or contact page – which would be great and means that you’re a step closer to potential business as you’re engaging with them.

Responsive Design

A responsive Landing page (and website) means that it works on all devices, whether that be desktop, laptop, tablets or phone. How good they look on each platform will, in no doubt, determine what a person thinks of the business. Green Stripe Media make sure the website to looks great on all of them.

If your website is old and unresponsive, then your website users will struggle to read the content and may leave the website without fully understanding what you have to offer or reading the details. Over 60% of your website visitors are on a mobile or tablet, which makes it essential for you to invest into an excellent website.

We can help!

If you have a good, responsive site that works on mobile, customers won’t have to zoom in to see the text or pictures. They will be able to scroll down the page, viewing the content without any extra effort and being well set out.

Please contact us with any questions or quote for your site.