We can’t say that we’re surprised by how the use of the internet has changed during this pandemic. People were under lockdown and unable to shop or do their typical day to day things. We have thought about the different impacts this could have made to various businesses.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok – all saw a significant increase in usage since the pandemic began to unfold. This usage has risen by at least 30%.


It also took their minds off the sad, devastating effect the disease has had. Members of the public were scrolling down timelines, chatting to people over Video Calls or on the Messenger services provided by the platforms, or creating videos.


This meant the reach of business posts and adverts were even more significant than usual. Some of our customers changed their model to offer classes online or sell products directly and then used social media to promote their sites.

Entertainment and Streaming Services

With the world being in the worst pandemic since WW2, people also turned to the TV and other services such as Netflix, Britbox and YouTube. Netflix is seeing the most significant rise in numbers with people binge-watching programmes, old and new. 


Zoom made a big impact too. It went from being an IT tool to becoming a household name. It not only meant families could keep in touch, but people could hold on to jobs and work remotely with their teams. The app was essential to people working, for meetings and working with others, and this resulted in it being used 300 million times a day! Other apps also saw a huge increase in usage such as Skype. 

Online Shopping

People being at home constantly, made them think of either house improvements or different things they can do or simply new clothes. We know that Amazon has benefitted the most in the world of shopping online, but stores like Dunelm, ASOS, B&M and Pretty Little Thing have also seen an increase in sales. Due to people not wanting to mix with members of the public, there has also been an increase in sales of deliveries for Supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, Iceland and others.


There have been stores that have taken a big hit in all of this – and the one that stands out the most is Primark in the UK (and Europe). Relying solely on customers buying in-store and not having a website meant that their income in March was £650 million, to £0 in April. They went from making millions to nothing in the space of a month. Maybe now they will work on their eCommerce and distribution?  

We can help!

This pandemic will have a lasting effect on how our society will work from having meetings over apps, buying online and watching programs online. 

If you are encouraged to get online now and find other channels to sell your products or services get in touch with us today, and we can share our low startup cost monthly plans.

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