Over the past six years, we have provided a cost-effective solution for businesses from all markets all over the UK. You can find many examples on ‘Our Work‘ page. Here we explain the process we use to create your website. We’ve refined this after working on hundreds of sites to keep it simple but effective.


We take notes from our initial conversations and emails about your business and your aims for the website. This helps determine if you need eCommerce, payments, bookings, galleries etc. It also helps us determine a timeline for when you want to go live.

Using this information we give you a simple proposal which we hopefully agree and get your website booked in for design and build.


We build up our design and build brief, ask some more detailed questions around the domain name, logo and branding, and ask for any ideas you have for the site – maybe you particularly like www.apple.com or www.greenstripemedia.co.uk and would like some elements from those on your new website.

Content and Artwork

We sometimes work from existing sites as a start or bullet points from you around content. Sometimes customers give us detailed content, other times bullet points. We can work with you. We have copywriters who specialise in the messaging, grammar and SEO who will work on the content as we move to build your site.

We get to work on the artwork, and we can remaster logos or help with new ones.


We will develop the new site on our server. The site will then go through internal tests. We will look at mobile, tablet and desktop versions and test internal links etc. Once we’re happy, we send a private link to you to check and provide feedback.


This is the initial opportunity to feedback things you like or don’t like, and we then edit and re-iterate until it’s all perfect for you.

Going Live

Once ready and everyone is happy, we then go through a procedure of going live with the site. This means putting your new website on the internet. Our method of putting your business is time-efficient, and we can schedule this to suit you. We do this in a way that there is no downtime of your site.

Once your new website is live, we will then go through advanced steps to ensure your website is as quick as possible and starts to get found on Google etc.

As your business grows or changes, we will keep your site right up to date. We also keep the site updated to work with the latest devices and keep it secure with software updates etc., on the server.

We also believe that our customer relationships and ongoing support set us apart from the competition.