Are you looking to increase your revenues? It’s perhaps a good time to review your current marketing and look for any new opportunities or tuning to keep things current.

Website Content

Is all of your website content still relevant and accurate? Your ‘About’ page tells your website visitors who you are and what you do – helping them develop trust in your company. We advise you to go through all the content on your site and see what is outdated or no longer relevant to your business. Then, make a note and ask whoever manages your site to delete or update anything that needs it. We will make unlimited changes and updates to our customer sites.

Social Media

Is your business putting its marketing efforts into the proper social media channels in the correct ways to get in touch with your customers? Green Stripe Media looks at what can work for your business on social media and how to engage with your possible clients to get the results you want.

Your Online Reputation

Knowing what your customers are saying about your business online can helpDo you know what your customers are saying about you? More and more people are using online reviews to make purchasing decisions, so your online reputation can make or break your business. Use your spring cleaning as an excuse to polish your online reputation.

Review Your Branding

Your brand is your company’s identity that defines how your company appears. Do a quick review of your website to ensure that your logo, brand colours and other elements accurately represent your business and that no outdated versions are used.

Test Your Website's Speed

Your website should and needs to be fast. There is no doubt about this. A website visitor expects your page to load within seconds. If they see a page taking an age to load, they will click off your site and visit a competitor’s website. Green Stripe Media specifically works to achieve the best and quickest time possible. 


Do the keywords on your website still apply? When was the last time you went through these and looked into the number of people this is reaching? You can look into this and discover new keywords that would bring you up in the original places and new places for others to find you. Try a tool like this for free here.